Covid 19 Safety at Paulson Orthodontics

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Dear wonderful families, friends and patients,

As each day brings more and more changes to our lives, we too have to respect and make changes based upon the most current recommendations for our office. Recently, the recommendation was to stop all non-essential orthodontic care and continue later, but now it is recommended that ALL care be put on hold except for severe emergencies. Therefore, Paulson Orthodontics is going to temporarily implement virtual appointments for those patients who are interested. We want to make sure treatment is going well and is continuing towards a healthy and beautiful smile. This also gives us the opportunity to address concerns and other issues that can arise during orthodontic treatment.
Paulson Orthodontics will continue answering the phone during normal operating hours to answer all your questions and fulfill patient needs. Please note, our reception area is closed at this time.

What does this mean for you?

Q & A

Q: Can I still be seen for my appointment?
A: Dr. Paulson and/or Team will be able to see you through a virtual appointment. We will try to keep your existing appointment times and positions if possible. Dr. Paulson will make recommendations, check progress, and intercept potential problems to keep the overall treatment going as smoothly as possible.

Q: How will Virtual appointments take place?
A: We will be using Zoom video conference meetings for your virtual appointments. Please download the free Zoom app for your phone or tablet to prepare for the appointment. It is the same app that a lot of schools are using for virtual/online classes. Make sure you are available to go on the app at your scheduled appointment time. We will be calling you to start the appointment, so please update your cell phone numbers with us.

Q: Will all patients need a virtual appointment?
A: Not all patients will need a virtual appointment, and we are trying our best to make sure that orthodontic treatment is not greatly interrupted. Some appointments, such as retainer checks or growth checks, can be rescheduled without hurting or causing any issues. If your current appointment falls within this category, we will be contacting you to reschedule. Other appointments scheduled in the distant future may not be affected by this change.

Q: I want to be assessed, but don’t like talking on video. Can I send you photos of mine or my child’s teeth over email and get Dr. Paulson to assess the progress or issues?
A: Yes, please send the photos to our email address: Please make sure the patient’s name is included and any concerns you have. Please follow the directions for taking photos at

Q: What if I don’t want a virtual appointment?
A: No problem, we will be happy to reschedule your current appointment into the future. Be sure to let us know of any orthodontic problems.

Q: I was scheduled to get my braces off, now what?
A: For those who were scheduled to get your braces off, it will all depend on when the appointments are scheduled. It is extremely likely we will have to move your appointments into the future. It pains Dr. Paulson and the team to know you will have a delay in getting your braces off, but as soon as we are able to remove your braces, we will celebrate with you!

Q: When will Paulson Orthodontics reopen for normal appointments?
A: We have no set date as of this time, we are closely monitoring the latest recommendations from Dental Agencies and Health boards and will open back up for normal appointments as soon as clearance is given.

Q: I have a pokey wire; something hurts; my bracket is broken; I may have a more serious problem, etc. Now what?
A: Please call our office. Dr. Paulson will guide you through the process of home care and help you remedy the situation. We also posted a video on our Facebook page and YouTube channel outlining simple things to do at home for common orthodontic issues. If Dr. Paulson feels your problem is a severe emergency, we will schedule an in-office visit. Our governing agencies have allowed us to see you for those extremely severe conditions only.

Q: Are you taking new patients during this time? How does this work?
A: Yes, we are taking new patients by using a Virtual Exam. If you are interested in a virtual exam, we will send you information on how this process works. Please call our office at 909-793-2603. All existing exams scheduled during this time period will be converted to a Virtual Exam. If you prefer to wait for in-office exam, please let us know, and we will reschedule you.

Q: I am out of rubber bands; need a retainer case; or need wax, what do I do?
A: Please call our office. We will have these kinds of items available for curb-side pick up only.

Q: I am an Invisalign patient and just need to pick up my aligners. How does this work?
A: Please call our office to arrange a pick up time. We will bring them to your car when you arrive.


COVID-19 Update 2 – Paulson Orthodontics

Even though the COVID-19 is suspected to be very limited in this area as of today, as more information is available we are continuing to adjust our policies to offer the most affective practices to help. Additionally we are now offering the following services and changes:

1.) Curbside Treatment Updates: If you prefer to wait in your car, Dr. Paulson or a clinical team member, will come to your car and give you treatment updates. Then you can contact our office and make your next appointment.

2.) Remote/Mobile Reception area: If you prefer to stay in your car, please call our office at 909-793-2603 when you park. We will check you in and call you back when the next dental chair becomes available. We will allow you to make the next appointment via phone.

3.) Video or Virtual Consultations for Retainer checks, Invisalign Checks, or New Patients: Want to skip the office visit all together? You can call the office to see if your type of visit can be accomplished with Dr. Paulson virtually.

Policy changes:

1.) Coffee Bar, cookies, etc., will be temporarily closed.
2.) Lobby seating will be spaced and reduced.
3.) Mandatory Hand Washing will be required for everyone who enters our building.
4.) No hand shaking, high fives, fist bumps to say hi or celebrate right now. Instead let’s get creative with our celebrations and greetings.
5.) The tooth brushing station will be temporally closed and replaced as one of our hand washing stations. Please brush your teeth at home before the appointment if possible.
6.) If you have coughing, breathing problems, or similar symptoms, we will ask you to reschedule.

Thank you for choosing Paulson Orthodontics !
Let’s all help together!

Dr. Paulson and Team

(COVID-19 Update 1 is below if you missed it)

Dear Paulson Orthodontics families and patients, in an abundance of caution and in the best interest of our patients we are kindly asking you to assist us in reducing the potential risk of exposure in our community. We will be temporarily adjusting our office policies to reflect the current situation.

1.) We love seeing your whole family. However in the meantime, we ask that adult patients attend appointments alone, and minors attend with one responsible party only.

2.) Our arcade will be temporarily closed.

3.) Please call ahead if you do not have a scheduled appointment. We still want to keep patients comfortable and assist with emergencies, but please call ahead to be formally placed on the schedule.

4.) We will contact currently scheduled, non-essential appointments to reschedule to later dates.

5.) If you are concerned over any scheduled appointments, please call the office to discuss.

6.) If you have traveled internationally, been on cruise, or work in a place with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 in past two weeks please call the office to reschedule.

We appreciate your understanding. Our office will continue to practice the proper infection control procedures as well as additional sanitation measures.

Thank you for choosing Paulson Orthodontics
Dr. Paulson and Team

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